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Eclipse Limited Visibility Training Mask

The Eclipse Blackout Mask is a simple and innovative solution to blackout training. When it comes to fire ground training, creating a smoked out environment can be a challenge. In some cases, industrial grade smoke machines are used, but are costly to purchase and maintain. And in even fewer cases, live burns are used but expose firefighters to the inherent health risks of an IDLH environment. However, the most common method of creating a smoked out environment is also the most rudimentary; shoving wax paper, plastic saran wrap or a milk jug cut-out in your face piece. The easy-to apply mask is fogged out in 3 levels (1, 2, 3), creating realistic heavy smoke conditions and can be used for S&R, FGS and Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) training. The reusable, durable static-cling sticker affixes to the mask exterior without leaving any residue or damaging expensive equipment and easy to grip tabs that allow fighters to remove the mask quickly, even with gloves. The Eclipse Blackout Mask does not completely obstruct your vision, allowing you to train your eyes to look for those vital clues that lead to success and safety in smoked out conditions.

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Eclipse Blackout Masks!

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