Join the countless fire agencies that have switched to using Eclipse Blackout Masks for the most efficient, cost-effective, high quality training mask on the market.


Firefighters LOVE our Blackout Mask

  • Engineer, 20 Years Experience
    "More realistic than full blackout."
    Engineer, 20 Years Experience
  • Probationary Firefighter 8 months
    “I have never been inside a structure fire before but my crew told me this is what the visibility is like. It’s awesome to finally be exposed to that and train in a more realistic manner.”
    Probationary Firefighter 8 months
  • Probationary Firefighter 7 months
    "It mimicked what I was exposed to on burn day in the academy."
    Probationary Firefighter 7 months
  • Captain, 20 Years
    “As an instructor in the academy. We have discussed not completely blacking out the recruits because it's not realistic. So we used smoke machines, which as an instructor is an irritant to the throat."
    Captain, 20 Years